&Other Stories x TOMS // One for One® collaboration

&OtherStories have joined forces with TOMS, best known for its One for One® giving. Together they have created earthy ready-to-wear garments that resonate with the beauty of Californian living. The collaboration also boasts updated designs of the classic slip-in shoe and new endearingly ethereal leather sandals.

Shop this wonderful collection online and instore now : for looks that give back.

The TOMS® Story

In 2006, American traveler Blake Mycoskie befriended children in a village in Argentina and found they had no shoes to protect their feet. Wanting to help, he created TOMS®, a company that would match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need. One for One™.

Realising this movement could serve other basic needs, TOMS® Eyewear was launched. With every pair purchased, TOMS® will help give sight to a person in need. One for One™.

“I was so overwhelmed by the spirit of the South American people, especially those who had so little, and I was instantly struck with the desire — the responsibility — to do more.”
—Blake Mycoskie

In the spirit of collaboration and giving, & Other Stories is a proud supporter of Magic Bus and its Women’s Scholarship Fund to support English language classes for young women in India.

Our favourite items from this beautiful collection are also available in the Never Knowingly Concise SHOP here.




The first in our series of #NEVERCONCISECHATS is with Insta-Wonder, Anniki Sommerville.
Anniki is refreshingly honest, hilariously funny and a Super Editor at Selfish Mother-come-The Hotbed Collective co-founder.


CB: Please introduce yourself and what you do.
AS: My name is Anniki and I work as Super Editor at Selfish Mother with the fabulous Molly Gunn and also co-founded The Hotbed Collective with Cherry Healey and Lisa Williams. I’m a freelance writer, branding consultant and copy writer.

CB: Brand names are a really important first impression of what you’re about, so how did you come up with your online alias/brand name?
AS: Well it’s interesting as I didn’t come up with either of the brand names I work on at the moment but have done loads of work in branding in the past. It used to be my bread and butter. A good name needs to get your idea across really quick and ideally have a bit of humour too. People have the attention span of a gnat these days so nothing too wordy or laborious I feel.

CB: Where did it all begin? What inspired you to start up your concept?
AS: I can only really talk about The Hotbed Collective here as Molly obviously created Selfish Mother and was inspired to create a platform for Mums to share stories and engage with one another. The HBC is different in that we want to encourage women to be more open and honest about sex. It was sparked by a conversation I had with Cherry about 2 years ago when we realised that women feel awkward ‘fessing up to the reality of bad/dull sex lives. We wanted to change that and so we’re creating a website and want to create events and other media that make it feel more permissible to talk about this stuff (without having to neck three litres of prosecco first).

CB: On a day-to-day basis, what or who inspires you?
AS: The people that inspire me are often American for some reason. There are so many great writers and performers in the states. I love Lena Dunham. Tina Fey. Lindy West. Cheryl Strayed. Nora Ephron (the late great). I basically love anyone who has a sense of humour and is outspoken and honest. I think there needs to be more honesty but we can be silly too.

CB: Can you tell us about, or give us a sneaky peek of something new that’s coming up?
AS: Well have two things right now that are exciting. On Selfish Mother we are creating a new travel section to the blog and are looking for writers who can give us tips on greats places to travel to. Just because we’re parents doesn’t mean we have to give up on all that good stuff. Selfish Mother is always changing and adapting to new things so watch this space!
On The Hotbed Collective side, we have just done our #backinthesack survey and have spoken to 750 people about their sex life post-kids. We are launching a website and then there will be an event further down the line. We are going to use the site to talk about our own sex lives but also to interview a range of different people. We want there to be tips and practical things to do when your love life sinks into the doldrums. We want it to feel intimate, fun and a bit sexy too.

CB: Anything you wish you’d known before you became a parent / best piece of parenting advice?
AS: It’s hard. I wish I had been better prepared for the lack of sleep. The fact that the first few months feel really hard. That it’s normal to feel like you’re losing your mind. Sometimes the only thing that got me through was visualising Oprah Winfrey. In the middle of the night I’d be so tired that she’d just appear to me and I’d get comfort in talking to her. That sounds mad but offers up and insight into how un-hinged I felt!

CB: Parenting-essentials, we know there are more than a few! But what is the one thing you can’t leave the house without? What is your most used piece of parenting/child paraphernalia?
AS: Snacks. More snacks. I find the minute we leave the house my daughter starts telling me she’s hungry. I have to have a few different options. And always one or two sweets. You can try Danish parenting/French parenting/whatever but a sweet ALWAYS works when you’re in a tight spot and need to use good old fashioned bribery to get home/in the car/leave a playdate/go to the shop etc.

CB: Along the same vein as above, what is your ultimate Mum-Essential? What is your go-to item that you just can’t live without?
AS: If it’s for me then it would probably be make up. If I have make up on then I feel human. In the early days my neighbour came up to me and told me I looked awful. I find that people think it’s perfectly okay to say you look dreadful when you’re a parent. After that I made sure I always had slap on. With the slap on I can fake not being tired. My other essential is the Aveda Chakra spray. I keep talking about it but so far they haven’t offered me any freebies. I feel quite sore about that I can tell you.

CB: What gives you ‘Mum-Guilt’? And how do you get round it?
AS: I get it every time I leave my daughter at nursery. I do this calculation in my head and think about how she’s going to start pre-school soon and yet I’m leaving her a couple of times a week and don’t see her. The reality is that I am now freelance and can’t get any work done at all when she’s with me. I end up shouting at her and telling her to get lost so the time she spends with me when I’m working isn’t very good quality. I have to remind myself of that. And the fact that seeing a working Mummy (who shouts sometimes) is probably a good thing.

CB: Me-time is super important too, what do you like to do to zone-out?
AS: I love to watch reality TV but never get a chance. Sometimes if my daughter is playing in the garden I will sneak into the front room to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians or America’s Next Top Model. If I can’t sleep at night I come down and watch it. Their lives are so different to mine and their problems so out of my realm of experience (Kim is usually worrying about the launch of her new butt cream and whether Kayne is having a row with her Mum or not) – pure escapism. I am really into low-brow culture and am not ashamed to admit it (I also like reading to balance it out).

CB: Which are your go-to brands/shops?
AS: The FMLY store tops – my main look is a sweatshirt with an A-line skirt and blue bruises on my knees. I love Selfridges but can’t afford anything there anymore. I also love &OtherStories as they have really original clothes and styles. I basically can’t go in there anymore as it’s too dangerous for me. I even tried to buy a jacket in a size 8 because I loved it and it was the last one. For kids stuff I love Next, Boden, Gap, FMLY store. I also love Aveda Chakra spray as I mentioned before ha ha.

CB: What current wardrobe item is your all-time favourite and why?
AS: Dungarees. I wear them all the time. They aren’t flattering on me as I have a big bum but I don’t care. I just like that combination of a casual dungaree and a feminine top. I also like the A-line skirt and sweatshirt combo. I struggle to find jeans I like or that fit properly

CB: Choose 3 words to describe yesterday.
AS: Hungover, panic-attack, moments of happiness.

CB: Tell us something about you that might surprise people.
AS: I used to be the singer in a band and had a hit – you can see the video on YouTube.

CB: Whats the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you?
AS: I had a friend who is a midwife and she came to visit me every other day for about a month when my daughter was born. She knew I was struggling. She is basically the nicest, kindest person I know.

CB: Recommend a book, film or album from the past year.
AS: I love the new book by Gillian Anderson and Jennifer Nadel (We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere). I haven’t seen any films apart from Trolls which I thought was okay. Music wise I am listening to the theme tune to Big, Little Lies- Michael Kiwanuka- Cold Little Heart. When I listen to it I pretend that I’m one of the characters driving along the Pacific Coast Highway (rather than driving to Lidl down the Uxbridge road)

CB: What can you see out of your closest window / what is your current view?
AS: I can see my cat who is busy burying her business in the neighbour’s vegetable patch.

CB: Other than with your family & friends, where would you most like to be this weekend and why?
AS: I would like to be at a spa. I really feel like I need a massage. I want to lie in a pool of warm water and listen to Michael Kiwanuka and pretend I’m Reese Witherspoon.

CB: Anything else you’d like to add in?
AS: When you get past 40 you really don’t give a crap about what other people think. Like really! It’s good.


I absolutely loved this chat with Anniki – thank you for taking part in our series! Be sure to follow her on Insta: @AnnikiSelfishMother and via her brilliant blog: Anniki Sommerville





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Since we moved back from Berlin, we’ve lived a more minimalist life. Afterall, our entire worldly belongings were put into a storage shipping container – we had NOTHING in Berlin as we lived in a holiday let – didn’t have our own bedding, cutlery, prints, books,  NOTHING. Which was weird whilst we lived out there… but when we moved back, we soon realised just how much STUFF we had and really didn’t need. We’ve sold a lot on selling sites etc, but we’ve donated just as much to charity too; which always feels good.

One of the item’s we did use was our drink’s cabinet – a Danish, Midcentury thing of beauty. But it just felt like this big old cabinet was too much now we were scaling down – it felt like it was overwhelming the room. (We did also use it for Eli’s Art & Crafts/School gear too, it wasn’t JUST a drinks cabinet! hah). So it was a begrudgingly out with the old… in with the D I Y! DIY you say?! Why? Well, scroll and see…

I’ve always been in love with gold and marble bar carts – you know, the antique 20’s type – cemented with stays at Soho House group (DREAM household interior btw). But these gold and marble carts come with a pretty price tag too. See below the kind of vibe I had as inspiration:





As you can see, most bar carts are around the £300 mark, ouch! So I thought, why not live by the motto, ‘Fake it, till you make it!’ and make your own! So that’s what I did! See my step-by-step below of how I got my own Bar Cart of Dreams.

IKEA – SUNNERSTA Trolley – £18
x1 D-C-Fix Marble Effect Adhesive – £6.50 per roll
x2 RUST-OLEUM Gold Spray Paint 400ml – Bright Gold – £8.75 per can
x1 Premium ‘Any surface’ tester pot – Black – £1.25 per pot

Scissors / Stanley knife
Tea towel

TOTAL COST: £53.25






  • Use spray paint in a well ventilated space. Not only because of the obvious issues with inhalation, but also the dust from the spray paint goes EVERYWHERE. Alternatively, use a traditional paint and paint brush to avoid dust settling.
  • You’ll need to do around 2 coats of paint – so just go at it finely at first, you can always cover up any bare bits!
  • Allow the paint to thoroughly dry – at least 3 hours but preferably overnight.
  • Take your time with the adhesive paper, lots of bubbles form as you’re applying – these can be popped with a pin afterward, or just use a towel to roll as you go.

So there you have it – my bar cart of dreams! This would obviously also work well as a cart for bath linen / lotions & potions or even just as a display trolley.








As I’m in the final stages of my wee ‘re-brand’, if you will. I’m  sure a lot of people will still refer to me as Judy Pink, and thats cool, but my online alias of Judy Pink & Memoirs of Judy Pink / Memoirs of Maternity will soon be devoid. I’ll be going by my ‘real name’ and as most people will also concur, I’m never, ever, concise. Whether that be re-telling a story or writing for business or pleasure! Hence my new site name, Never Knowingly Concise.

So here is the story, so far…

Many moons ago, my career path started in Retail – working through store Visual Marketing & Styling roles . In 2008, we took a permanent one-way journey from The North to The Big Smoke. I swapped a role in Buying & Merchandising (Arcadia) for eCommerce and Copywriting (AllSaints). Moving on from there, I found my passion in Digital Marketing, where I then progressed through Exec roles for AllSaints (Global Social Media Coordinator), Godiva and eBay UK & DE. However, I’ve recently changed career paths completely. I saw 2017 in with a brand new role as an Early Years Practitioner – splitting the working week between Pre-School Assistant (SEN & Mat Cover) and Support Assistant at an Infant School. Writing, has always been a passion of mine – heck I wanted to be an English Teacher-come Fashion Journalist at one stage (taking on a stint as a Fashion Writer at The Sunday Sun newspaper and Copywriting role at AllSaints).  So now that my work/life balance is in order, my site can take my attention once again.

In 2012 I became a Mama, to Mr Eli. He was born with several medical conditions (more on that below and in OLD posts). Eli began his journey into the Education system in September 2016 – though, he is one of the youngest in the school, with his birthday being August. He’s cheeky, cheery and creative – very imaginative and loves his Art.

I am a huge champion of independent brands, especially those founded by parents. There’s something a little bit special about buying products from a family-run business; whether that be a Husband-and-Wife team or a Mum-Boss/Dad-Preneur. You’re not funding a corporate machine – you’re helping out real people. A real family.  Allowing a family to continue to be creative, perhaps alongside that oh so frustrating restraint of ‘inflexible working’, putting food on the table and supporting the roof over their heads. And that feels really good. I’m also keen to find out how people juggle their work & family life. What helps? What doesn’t help?! Is life really as rosy as Instagram has us believe? I will soon have a Never Concise // Chat’ series to dig a little deeper with some incredible creative families.

If you’re a new or established family-run brand, business or service, please do get in touch. I’d love to give you a big up in any way possible!

Follow me on Instagram for my latest updates: @JudyPink


LATEST EDIT: March 2017.

Memoirs of Maternity was born in August 2011 after my other half and I decided that it was definitely time that we wanted to start our family. This blog documented the stresses and strains that came with my pregnancy. Our absolutely incredible darling boy, Mr Eli, was born on 6th August 2012. The day our lives changed forever. Mr Eli is completely one-of-a-kind. SUCH a character; such a happy little boy. I then went a little bit quiet as the throws of Motherhood quickly took over!

Mr Eli was born with two conditions, Talipes and Torticollis. I spoke about the Talipes during my pregnancy blogs. But the Torticollis was not diagnosed until Eli was 10 weeks old. I’m striving to raise awareness of both these conditions and would love to hear from those who have experience with them.

Expect to also find features on my other passions: Fashion, Design & Lifestyle… oh and the odd adventure from us and Mr Eli!

I absolutely love Mum and Baba brands, always on the look out for new start-up’s, so do give ma holler!

MM. x

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It is Autism Awareness Week (and month) and the exceptional Mama, @nedintheclouds, has brought back AUT:CTION  again for another year. Claire runs Aut:ction and over the last 3 years,  has worked tirelessly to raise a staggering amount of money to support Autism families, just like her own. 

Ned, lovely,  wonderful Ned, has touched and inspired so many people. More than his gorgeous chops with ever know! So please, support Autism Awareness and help spread the word about #Autction by following @nedintheclouds, turning on the notifications for her posts & SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! 🖤 You still have time to bag some of the incredible auction lots too – so keep checking back nightly, and throughout the day as some participants have added extra goodies as the 24 hour lot progresses.

Claire, you’re an amazing Human. You have a truly beautiful family. You should be so proud of yourself! Also, good luck. I bet there’s a lot of scheduling and planning behind the scenes for you.






Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 11.41.01

Now that my work/life balance is sorted I can shift my attention back to my website. It’s almost there and will soon have the addition of further “spotlight” spaces for simple advertising and The Shop.

For a bit of background, I have always been a champion of the Mama-brands, the Dad-preneurs and the family run. Focus is on Fashion (in the broadest of terms) along with Design & Lifestyle. I’m again, welcoming collaborations for features. So, if you’re a new or established brand, business, service, or heck – just a Mama gang of one (!!) with something that’s important to you to shout about, then I’d love you to get in touch!

Use my Contact form or shoot me an email.

Can’t wait to hear from you!




SPONSORED: Ms. Flow | Luxury Care Packages.

 August Ms.Flow box, accompanied by my own Pineapple plant and 'One Bad Mutha' mug by Mère Soeur.
August Ms.Flow box, accompanied by my own Pineapple plant and ‘One Bad Mutha’ mug by Mère Soeur.



I was going to save this brilliant Ms.Flow box for when Aunt Flo reared her head round the corner, but impatience curiosity got the better of me.

Ms.Flow is a brand new monthly wellbeing subscription service, delivering luxury pamper packages to your door, when you need them the very most! Packages can be tailored to suit you, all treats ensure that the mind, body and soul are catered for.
This month Ms.Flow have gone all tropical with a box filled with orange-inspired treats to satisfy those time of the month cravings, premium beauty products to lift my mood and we all know exercise helps things, and this month’s featured Yoga pose is The Butterfly Pose.

Box includes: 

  • Vegan hair care tool kit, by Tara Smith
  • Hand cream, by TimeBomb
  • Caffeine-free Orange Tea, by London Fruit & Herb Company
  • Cura-Heat patch
  • Bath ‘Tea’, by Birch Lea Soaperie
  • Hand-Poured Ms. Flow Mimosa & Mandarin candle
  • Milk Chocolate with Blood Orange, by Green & Blacks
  • A selection of feminine hygiene essentials

I am someone who REALLY struggles with pain and low-mood during this less-than-pleasant time of month. After seeing MANY doctors and tests and scans, it revealed I have Endometriosis, which has actually worsened since having Eli. I live in fear dread the time arriving – so a premium care package, ensuring I have alllllll the comforts when I need them the most, is just perfect! Thank you @MsFlow!


To find out even more and to subscribe, head to www.msflow.co.uk. You can also save 15% by using the promotional code: WELCOME15



  • I was gifted the August Ms. Flow box in return for Review. All thoughts, experiences and opinions are my own.

#MSFLOW #ad #sponsored



THE EDIT: Something For The Weekend | 01/07.


Calling all Leopard print aficionado’s! This week’s online shopping Edit:


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// KATE MOSS x EQUIPMENT – Signature Print Silk Shirt – £370.

// THE KOOPLES – Animal Print Shorts – WAS £135, NOW £54.

// TOPSHOP – Animal Print Body with Zip – £19.