It is Autism Awareness Week (and month) and the exceptional Mama, @nedintheclouds, has brought back AUT:CTION  again for another year. Claire runs Aut:ction and over the last 3 years,  has worked tirelessly to raise a staggering amount of money to support Autism families, just like her own. 

Ned, lovely,  wonderful Ned, has touched and inspired so many people. More than his gorgeous chops with ever know! So please, support Autism Awareness and help spread the word about #Autction by following @nedintheclouds, turning on the notifications for her posts & SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! 🖤 You still have time to bag some of the incredible auction lots too – so keep checking back nightly, and throughout the day as some participants have added extra goodies as the 24 hour lot progresses.

Claire, you’re an amazing Human. You have a truly beautiful family. You should be so proud of yourself! Also, good luck. I bet there’s a lot of scheduling and planning behind the scenes for you.