Referral to UCLH for the CVS procedure.

Tuesday 17th January 2012: Appointment at UCLH for detailed scan and CVS procedure.

With barely a wink of sleep between us, we arrived at the Fetal Medicine Unit at 9am for our 9:15am appointment. We were taken a for full scan which lasted around 45 minutes. There were two specialists and a FMU Midwife present, along with a student who was observing. The specialist doctor who was performing the scan said that there was a lack of nasal bone visibility, which also carried through as a ‘soft marker’.

We were taken into a family room where we could discuss our options… and we were then joined by an FMU Midwife who went through the basic pro’s and con’s of the procedure and the impending results that would follow.

I signed the consent forms and was taken back through to the specialist room where the procedure would take place.

The doctor and an additional Midwife scrubbed up and I was given two injections of local anaesthetic directly into my tummy, on the left hand side. The injections were the easy bit…

After around 5 minutes the anaesthetic had taken hold and the doctor proceeded to take the first of the placenta samples, while the FMU midwife constantly scanned my tummy. The procedure was uncomfortable and felt like tugging. I winced quite a fair bit and squeezed on my partners hand so tightly! I just kept looking at him and both he and all the staff present reassured me throughout. I felt in safe hands, with the best in the business!

The second biopsy was taken and I breathed a sigh of relief. The FMU midwife showed us our precious little babbit on the screen again to reassure us of his movements again.

I was then taken, slowly, into a recovery ward where one of the FMU midwife’s who had been present joined us to explain that that procedure had collected two successful samples that would be sent away asap. We were to get the ‘rapid result’ back within 3 days. The rapid result checks for Down Syndrome, Edwards Syndrome and Pateau Syndrome. The rest of the results would follow in around 3 weeks with a detailed report on rarer chromosomal abnormalities.

After recovering for a further 25 minutes or so, we were free to go home. My partner took me home and I tried to sleep on the sofa all day. I was exceptionally emotional and quite sore. I was advised that I may have period-type pains, some bleeding and soreness for a few days. I could not help but run over every single result and scenario in my head… and again, barely slept a wink that night.



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