Weekly Update: 27 Weeks Pregnant

Another rare photo of me on the blog, here I am at 27 weeks pregnant!

Baby size at 27 weeks: 37cm long.

Baby weight at 27 weeks: 900g+


Let me start off by saying that the number 27 is my favourite number. Today is the 27th April and I am 27 weeks pregnant with our baby boy who is due on 27th July 🙂


I’ve had quite a bad week this week, I have to say. I’ve suffered really really badly with heartburn. Which to most people will probably sound trivial. But the ache and pain spread right around my body and settled inbetween my shoulder blades. I had a hot water bottle with me at work all week. To which I received the sodding Spanish inquisition for from my colleagues (people are so damn nosey).

Towards the end of this week I’ve also been struggling with Round Ligament Pain. It absolutely kills hurts to walk. So this weekend I will be laying in bed, being waited on by OH 🙂
Baby  Boy wise, he’s still as active as ever. Really noticing a pattern to his activities throughout the day. I noticed that he enjoys chocolate – so he must take after  his father in that department! I also had a episode during the week when he was kicking me loads at work and the entire department ended up crowding around my desk watching my tummy move – some in amazement, most in shock and horror. Phahahaha. I love it.

So what is happening to baby boy this week?

Fig 1: http://www.babycentre.co.uk/pregnancy/fetaldevelopment/27weeks/

His eyes open and close, he sleeps and wakes at regular intervals and he may suck a finger or thumb.

Sweet dreams, little baby! Some experts believe that babies begin to dream by week 27. What do they dream about? No one knows for sure but your baby’s brain is certainly active now. The characteristic grooves on his brain’s surface is starting to appear and more brain tissue is developing.

You may be detecting rhythmic movements, which is simply your baby having an attack of the hiccups. They are common this week and throughout your pregnancy. A spell of hiccups usually passes in moments. The sensation for you may be strange, but rather comforting.



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