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As it’s getting a little bit chilly, my thoughts are turning to Winter. Perhaps a little early for those who are greedily enjoying the sunshine in parts of the British Isles still! But hey ho, it’s always good to plan ahead. We know it’s going to be another baltic Autumn, nevermind Winter, so let’s get to it!

For this review I’m looking at the AMAZING Lambskin liner from John Lewis. Possibly just given away what I think of the liner, before I’ve even started…


So, with many things for Eli we own, we purchased them before Eli had arrived, or had them on our ‘must purchase list’. This Lambskin Stroller and Carseat Liner was right up there, at the top of our wish list. We’re big fan’s of sheepskin and the like in our house, so we knew this Lambskin liner would suit Eli perfectly too. Towards the end of last year we finally purchased this one, pictured, from the John Lewis in Bluewater.

As you can see, this liner is super soft and cosy. Apparently, it can be used during both cold and warm weather. The Lambskin is good at regulating temperature during the Summer months. Mr Eli gets too hot in EVERYTHING however so our liner has been in storage over Summer – but it still looks brand new!

The liner, you’ll be glad to hear, can be machine washed at 40c. Although, I haven’t washed ours yet. I’m sure now that Eli is fully weaned we may need to wash this in the very near future however!

At the pricetag of £50, I did think at the time, “Is this expensive?”. But no, it really isn’t! Look how new it still looks almost a year on. It’s a piece of actual lambswool, it’s incredible quality – and frankly looks a lot more expensive than £50! Definitely worth the investment to have your little one cosy, snug and secure.


Another massive bonus is that this liner can be used in car seats (big and small) and is universal for most strollers and pushchairs. Obviously, not to be used on prams or carrycots without a harness. The liner is designed with carefully positioned holes so the harness and crotch straps can be threaded through. Our stroller is used with our iCandy Strawberry. As you can see, it looks pretty excellent.


Awww, here he is, loving his Lambskin liner! The top two photos are from when Mr Eli was 6 months old, sleeping through his very first snowfall. The bottom two photos are from last week – when shock horror, we HAD sunshine outside! Hence Eli’s shorts and beaming smile.

Alas, it’s things like this liner that make me excited for Winter. I just love cosy walks in the chilly air (as long as it’s not windy air, or air full of rain. Ugh).

So there you have it, the simply wonderful Lambskin Stroller and Carseat Liner from John Lewis. I literally cannot recommend it enough!


NB: John Lewis have not asked for this review. I simply adore this liner and wanted to share my opinions on it.


2 thoughts on “REVIEW | John Lewis Lambskin Stroller Liner.

  1. Adrienne says:

    hello! 🙂
    Thanks for your review! I JUST got my first lambskin pram liner for my 11 month old, seeing almost ALL parents seem to have one in the stroller. I didn’t get the JL one but one from Kaiser (a German company).
    Do i need to wash it before first use like other baby clothes? I got the brush and shampoo as well. I was debating if i should return it worrying about it being too warm as my baby girl does seem to get warm quite easily. Seems like Eli is the same way but he still loves it?? 🙂
    Thanks again! 🙂

  2. admin says:

    Hello Adrienne,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Really pleased you found a lambskin liner too. They’re perfect for this chilly weather.

    Eli does get very warm easily – but I’ve already got ours on as it’s getting quite nippy here. He seems fine in it for the moment. He’s wearing thin layers too, so can always take a layer off if he does seem to be getting too warm. Right now, he usually wears a vest, tee and a padded ‘Barbour’ style jacket from Gap. When it gets colder he’ll have a jumper or cardigan on too; then eventually we’ll be getting him a proper Winter coat. Last year, I also bought a footmuff from eBay, so that was extra cushioning underneath the Lambskin liner and his legs were covered too.

    I didn’t wash our before first use; I didn’t even think to be honest! And it still hasn’t needed to be washed yet – it looks, smells and feels brand new. It would depend on how old your child is and if they have any allergies or skin issues. Eli is smashing with his skin now he’s 14 months, but I did pre-wash EVERYTHING previously as he had eczema up until he was about 9 months old; and it’s good practice really. Also wanted to mention that, we have two IKEA sheepskin rugs – we washed one and it came out all matted, like an actual sheep! It was no longer soft and fluffy. This might not happen with these liners, but I guess I’ve always had that in the back of my mind.

    Hope that helps somewhat.


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