DON’T BUY HER FLOWERS // The Man Package™



No trinkets or joke gifts, just great quality British products to relax with and enjoy. Perfect for birthdays, new dads, get well and anytime you want to treat one of the men in your life. **Express and Next Day options available for guaranteed delivery in time for Father’s Day**

While our focus for starting Don’t Buy Her Flowers has been creating thoughtful gift packages for women, our customers have asked us to create a package for men. Something that lets them know someone is thinking of them too.

Speaking with friends and family, we found that often men are the recipient of ‘joke’ gifts, or things deemed practical. We wanted to put together a package that is made up of great, quality products that can be eaten, used and enjoyed.

The packaging is tailored to men, so that ‘Don’t Buy Her Flowers’ won’t confuse them!


  • Biscuit Tiffin with Belgian Milk Chocolate 130g
  • Choice of magazine (Need help choosing?)
    – British GQ
    – Men’s Health
    – Empire
  • Mr Filbert’s Gourmet Mixed Nuts in Mexican Sweet Chilli or Simply Sea Salt 110g
  • Choice of refreshment (Need help choosing?)
    – Teapigs Everyday Brew (15 temple teabags)
    – Rave ‘The Italian Job’ coffee 250g
    – Two craft beers; 1 each of Electric Bear Persuasion Golden Ale and Wild Beer Co Millionaire Stout
  • Choice of luxury British Scott-Nichol socks


Don’t Buy Her Flowers was founded with a simple aim: to provide thoughtful gift packages for new mums, because they deserve something lovely just for them.

From launch we received requests to send our gifts for other reasons as well as after a baby arrived – birthdays, get well, bereavement and to say ‘it’s going to be ok’. We’ve had many reports of recipients crying when they open their package, overwhelmed that someone has thought of them.

So what’s wrong with flowers?

Although they are always lovely to receive, we wanted to create something that was more thoughtful and useful for mums and women at those times when they need it most. Something that encourages her to take ten minutes to herself. For new mums, we know having babies is amazing but it’s also a rollercoaster and can be hard. Knowing someone is thinking of you can be a huge boost and it turns out that our customers wanted to express that same sentiment to friends and family for all kinds of reasons.

Flowers say “I’m thinking of you”. A gift package from Don’t Buy Her Flowers says ‘I’m thinking of you, this package is all about you and I hope it makes you feel good’.

‘When I had my first baby, I received eight bunches of flowers. We didn’t have a lot of space and we certainly didn’t own multiple vases. I had to give them away or bin the least fresh to make way for the most recent. I also felt completely overwhelmed with everything – the baby, the visitors, the bodily functions – and trying to arrange flowers and then dispose of them was all a bit much, however pathetic that sounds. I found that other parents felt the same and Don’t Buy Her Flowers was born.’
Steph Douglas, creator of

Read more about why Steph started Don’t Buy Her Flowers: NEVER KNOWINGLY CONCISE CHATS TO // STEPH DOUGLAS | FOUNDER


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