LANSINOH // Lanolin Nipple Cream – 40ml


Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Nipple Cream – 1 x 40ml

Lansinoh HPA® Lanolin is the safest, purest nipple cream and completely hypoallergenic. It has been specially developed to help soothe and protect sore, cracked nipples in breastfeeding mothers.100% Lansinoh HPA® Lanolin – the world’s purest Lanolin Nipple Cream.

How to use

Soften a pea-sized amount between fingers and apply to the entire nipple after feeding or other problem area(s) as needed. Re-apply as often as necessary.

Tip: Other mums have also used it for nappy rash, itchy stretch marks, minor cuts, burns and abrasions, dry skin patches and as a naturally moisturising lip balm.

Important info

Key features

  • No need to remove before breastfeeding.
  • Paraben free.
  • 100% natural.
  • No additives, preservatives or chemicals.
  • No taste, colour or smell – the most acceptable nipple cream for your breastfed baby.


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Our Lansinoh family started over 30 years ago with a breastfeeding mum – Resheda Hagen, when she embarked on what became the Lansinoh venture in 1978 in Portland, Oregon, when her first child was born. Resheda was breastfeeding, but after several days her nipples advanced from tender to excruciatingly sore. Unable to get any relief from the products available, she reluctantly considered weaning. A La Leche League Leader encouraged her to keep trying and recommended lanolin, but it was not available in the shops.

Resheda’s husband, a doctor, was able to locate and bring home a one pound jar of wool fat from the hospital pharmacy. She applied the lanolin to her painful nipples and felt immediate relief. Her nipples healed over the next few days and she went on to breastfeed successfully. Resheda Hagen started advocating the benefits of “Pure Lanolin” as a treatment for sore nipples for nursing mothers.

Resheda Hagen founded her company in 1984 to offer breastfeeding women a safe and effective alternative to the highly cosmetic products that were available for nipple soreness – a major reason for failing to establish successful breastfeeding relationship. In 1984 she decided to buy lanolin in one pound jars and package it herself into smaller containers for sale to breastfeeding mothers.

When mums choose to breastfeed, we believe they should have the support and encouragement they need to experience all of its benefits, and ensure baby feels the same. We’ll always take our mothers seriously and their needs personally, creating high-quality products mums want and can trust as they nurture their babies and develop a special bond only formed in motherhood.


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