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SYNOPSIS: Otis Lemon is back with a magical story about an adventure that reunites with his popular (but slightly bonkers) inventor uncle, Professor Poopy. The latest book from author Mark Lemon, sees Otis flying over the London skyline and even enjoying a brief meeting with the Queen.
This is the second book in the series that is inspired by his son. Driven by a desire to create a more fulfilling career and a better work/life balance, Mark has committed himself full-time to writing.

CUSTOMER REVIEW: “What’s not to love? There’s a magical scooter and a proper storyline; I was as enthralled as my daughter. This is essential bedtime reading that won’t have parents trying to skip pages. Nice work Mark. Bring on the next.” (Anna Whitehouse, Mother Pukka)


Lemon Drop Books is an award winning children’s book family publishers from Bristol, UK.

Disillusioned with the lack of diversity in children’s books, Mark Lemon (with two mixed-race children of his own) decided to create a series of exciting story books with non-white characters. With thrilling tales and beautiful adventures, the Otis & Thea Lemon series is fast becoming a firm favourite in family households.

The debut children’s book from dad-author Mark Lemon, Otis Lemon & The Spectacular Submarine, was awarded the Platinum Junior Design Award 2016 in the Children’s book of the year (with words) (within last 12 months) category. The awards, organised by Junior Magazine, recognise the finest modern toys and books. The Platinum Award is the highest accolade possible and is reserved for those products that go above and beyond the high judging standards and showcase immaculate design.

Look out for forthcoming release – Thea Lemon and her Super Sporty Fairy Godmother. Available for purchase November 2016.


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