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The Pack of Hacks was created to help you busy dad’s fit in some exercise around the crazy, busy and unpredictable life that comes with having kids. Grab the pack and when you have a few minutes, flip over one, two (or more) cards and crack on!

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There are 21 A6 sized postcards that show moves, hints, tips and sequences. Some are harder than others and might need ‘building up’ to, some are nice pulse raisers for a quick energy boost and some focus on one muscle group only.

Disclaimer: Whilst it is safe and encouraged to moderately exercise during pregnancy, these cards have been designed for use post-baby rather than during pregnancy, some moves are intense and there are no adaptations on them as yet for pregnant women. They are for women looking to get back into exercise and who have been signed-off from their GP and / or healthcare professional.


I’m Jemma, a personal trainer and Mum to 2 young boys.
I know first hand just how hard it is to find time to fit in exercise;
I started writing down little tips for myself, when times were so busy
I couldn’t train for the length of time that I would have liked. 

I’d stick post-it notes around the house to prompt me, short exercises, sequences that took only a few minutes but were quite intense, and tips
to remind me to relax too – that’s how my Pack of Hacks was born.

I hope you’ll take a look and enjoy using them too.


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