SWEETDREAMERS // Ewan the Dream Sheep – DELUXE – Grey



  • Soft cuddly toy with light and sound features to lull baby into a peaceful sleep.
  • Intelligent MoonMode smartCRY sensor, which automatically activates when baby stirs in the night. Listens for 4 hour every time baby cries.
  • 4 soothing sounds all combined with resting heartbeat in the background : vacuum cleaner, rainfall, harp melody and a recording of the womb. Single button activation on control pod, meaning no buttons in legs.
  • Light and sound displays feature a 20 minute timer with automatic shut off and volume control.
  • Soft pink glow mimics the womb environment to help comfort and soothe. Attaches easily to cot bars, pushchairs and car seats using Velcro tail. Removable control pod so ewan Deluxe can be machine washed. Requires 3 AA batteries – not included.



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