VELVETEEN BABIES // Rocket Garland- Black & Silver


Fly me to the Moon …
Our Space theme rocket garland is back!
White rocket with glittering silver detail, and black / white planets with sparkling silver glitter ‘rings’ and a silver star.
Each carefully handcrafted item is filled with EN71 safety standard stuffing.
Strung on white ribbon and approximately one metre long (a bit longer)
Beautifully handmade from top quality wool mix felt and made with care and love.
Ring on each end item to reverse for ease of display.
Our own original concept and design.


Velveteen Babies

Our story begins in 2014 and continues to grow and grow.

Each garland, cloud or mobile is made to our original design and concept that I’ve spent many hours creating, based on current trends in children’s interior design.
Our family business is based in Harrogate, England, and was started whilst I was on maternity leave from my career in the luxury retail sector back in 2013/14. At the time, there was nothing like my style in the marketplace and word soon spread through Instagram. I began an Etsy shop and produced a range of handcrafted felt garlands and cloud wall hangings which I made in between nursing baby and thanks to the power of social media has gone from strength to strength, now with over 30 000 followers on Instagram.
Sadly, I’m finding all too often now that my designs are being emulated by others, but it makes me strive to keep producing new ideas and to stay true to myself and the brand I’ve worked so passionately to produce.
Now our third baby has just been born and I’m bursting with ideas on how to expand and enhance Velveteen Babies in the near future. For now though, I’m trying to sit back a little and only pre-make items which I’ll list regularly to lessen the pressure on my shoulders for a while.
I’m passionate about babies and children being exposed to inspiring design and great workmanship from day one. We are a creative family and I have always had a keen interest in Interior design, styling and photography.I am obsessive about sourcing amazing things for our children’s rooms and I love discovering emerging brands.
I regularly undertake styling and promotional projects with other children’s design brands and collaborate with them in our kidsdesign blog over at We love brands that complement ours to use in our styling features across on our blog and across our social media feeds. Head to our contact page to get in touch as we are passionate about collaborating with other inspiring forward thinking kids brands through our social media channels.


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