Weekly Update: 29 Weeks Pregnant.

Fig 1: http://www.babycentre.co.uk/pregnancy/fetaldevelopment/29weeks/

Baby size at 29 weeks: 39cm long.

Baby weight at 29 weeks: 2.5 lbs+


I’ve had another difficult week. Felt completely drained. It’s like attack of the first trimester, all over again! Had a dicky tummy at the start of the week and threw up on Wednesday morning. I must have been fighting a tummy bug off I think.

On Tuesday we visited Broomfield Hospital again and ended up with an emergency scan! Read about it here>> Measuring 34 weeks at 28 weeks! But everything is fine, and we’ve also been told we don’t need to go back for our 32 week scan now! Which is great, we’re over the moon – I can actually begin to relax. The next time we visit Broomfield will be for Labour – which is pretty scary! Not long now!! 😀

Baby boy has been incredibly active this week. I can’t get over how much he wriggles and moves! It’s amazing watching my tummy and he gets himself into a comfy position. I’ve been trying to video it, but he goes camera shy! Typical! He’s had an increase in hiccups too. This is apparently good though, it means his lungs are functioning properly and he’s taking in the amniotic fluid as he should be.

So what is happening to baby boy this week?

Your baby’s head is getting bigger to make room for his developing brain. Nearly all babies react to sound and light by the end of this week. At this stage your baby’s lungs have matured so their survival rate outside the womb is significantly higher.

Your baby’s head is now growing larger to make room for the ever-developing brain. This amazing brain can detect rhythmic breathing and also control body temperature. Research speculates that babies can dream by this stage of development.

Your baby’s adrenal glands are helping to make oestriol. This is thought to stimulate the production of prolactin which is responsible for the production of milk. This means that even babies born early will be able to breastfeed from their mothers.


Weekly Update: 28 Weeks Pregnant // Third Trimester!

Fig 1: http://www.babycentre.co.uk/pregnancy/fetaldevelopment/28weeks/

Baby size at 28 weeks: 38cm long.

Baby weight at 28 weeks: 1.1 Kg+


Happy Final Trimester (to us!)!!

Had a rough week this week – been feeling quite emotional and fed up. Fed up with commuting, getting work, working, I’m just really tired and so ready to start my Maternity Leave! (Not long now).

Had my second Midwife appointment with my local Midwife this week. After last time, I was slightly anxious to see her again. I was greeted however by her student first, both Midwives were jolly enough. Urine was completely normal. Blood pressure great. I hopped onto the couch for them to listen to Baby Boy, who’s heart rate is also perfect. But then they measured my tummy. They both looked confused. *Here we go again* I thought. What are they going to sodding say now?

“So, your baby boy is measuring up quite large…”

“Oooooh, right!”

I didn’t actually notice that I was looking like a beached whale very very pregnant lady. To be honest, the majority of people are pretty surprised when I say how long I have left to go… Being a touch over 5’ft makes my bump look bigger… I’m sure of it!

So basically Baby Boy is measuring 30 weeks – they explained that it could just be that he’s had his growth spurt early and he’ll start to slow down with his growth as we get further along. Or he could just be a ‘tall’ boy. Or he could actually be older than the due dates dictate currently (I wasn’t sure on my LMP when we found out we we’re pregnant….). I’d love it if he was further along, we can’t wait for him to arrive! But something tells me that he’s just going to be a little fatty instead!

Again this week, I’ve struggled with heartburn, pelvic and lower back pain. Had quite a few bouts of cramp in my right leg too. I think my Converse are just too flat. *SIGH*.

So what is happening to baby boy this week?

At about this time, he can open his eyes and turn his head in your uterus if he notices a continuous, bright light shining from the outside. He’s getting used to blinking his eyes, which now have eyelashes.

His fat layers are continuing to form and his bones are nearly developed, though they are still soft and pliable. His bones won’t harden properly until after he’s born.

Baby boy is also “breathing” with a regular rhythm, drawing amniotic fluid into his lungs and pushing it back out again with his diaphragm. This helps the tiny tubes and air sacs deep inside the lungs to develop, and builds up the muscles he needs to breathe.

Baby Boy’s lips and tongue are very sensitive and finger sucking is becoming a favourite pastime. However, it will take a few more weeks of practise before he’s strong enough to suck at the breast. That’s one reason why premature babies sometimes need to be fed via a nasal tube.


Weekly Update: 27 Weeks Pregnant

Another rare photo of me on the blog, here I am at 27 weeks pregnant!

Baby size at 27 weeks: 37cm long.

Baby weight at 27 weeks: 900g+


Let me start off by saying that the number 27 is my favourite number. Today is the 27th April and I am 27 weeks pregnant with our baby boy who is due on 27th July 🙂


I’ve had quite a bad week this week, I have to say. I’ve suffered really really badly with heartburn. Which to most people will probably sound trivial. But the ache and pain spread right around my body and settled inbetween my shoulder blades. I had a hot water bottle with me at work all week. To which I received the sodding Spanish inquisition for from my colleagues (people are so damn nosey).

Towards the end of this week I’ve also been struggling with Round Ligament Pain. It absolutely kills hurts to walk. So this weekend I will be laying in bed, being waited on by OH 🙂
Baby  Boy wise, he’s still as active as ever. Really noticing a pattern to his activities throughout the day. I noticed that he enjoys chocolate – so he must take after  his father in that department! I also had a episode during the week when he was kicking me loads at work and the entire department ended up crowding around my desk watching my tummy move – some in amazement, most in shock and horror. Phahahaha. I love it.

So what is happening to baby boy this week?

Fig 1: http://www.babycentre.co.uk/pregnancy/fetaldevelopment/27weeks/

His eyes open and close, he sleeps and wakes at regular intervals and he may suck a finger or thumb.

Sweet dreams, little baby! Some experts believe that babies begin to dream by week 27. What do they dream about? No one knows for sure but your baby’s brain is certainly active now. The characteristic grooves on his brain’s surface is starting to appear and more brain tissue is developing.

You may be detecting rhythmic movements, which is simply your baby having an attack of the hiccups. They are common this week and throughout your pregnancy. A spell of hiccups usually passes in moments. The sensation for you may be strange, but rather comforting.



Weekly Update: 26 Weeks Pregnant

 Fig 1: http://www.babycentre.co.uk/pregnancy/fetaldevelopment/26weeks/

Baby size at 26 weeks: 36cm long.

Baby weight at 26 weeks: 760g+


Feel like I’ve had a good week – all things considered! I started the week at the dentist on Monday, getting fillings and a gum guard for nighttime wear. I was very brave 🙂

Wednesday we were back at the Fetal Medicine Unit in UCLH for the re-scan of baby boy bump’s feet. We found that he does have Bilateral Talipes, but it’s extremely mild right now. So we were chuffed with that. Read what happened during the hospital appointment, here.

This week I’ve found that I’m getting really bad back ache. I can’t stand or walk for long before I need a sit down. So strange for me! I’ve also noticed that I’m going to the loo a lot more often and have had a few bouts of heartburn. But aside from that, I’m feeling pretty good!

So what is happening to baby boy this week?

His response to sound grows more consistent towards the end of the seventh month, when the network of nerves to her ears is complete. He may be able to hear you and your partner chatting. Your baby also continues to take small breaths, getting plenty of practice for when he’s born. It’s all preparation for when he takes that first gulp of air. Since your baby is now growing so fast, and brain development is so intense at this stage, your nutrition is very important.

This week baby boy’s eyes open for the first time and blinking starts. Until now they have been fused shut to protect the developing eyes. Depending on your baby’s ethnicity, their eye colour may be anything from blue to almost black. Baby boy can’t see much as it’s pretty dark inside your womb, although light will penetrate if it’s very bright.

Your baby’s hands are strong and mobile, and a lot of waking time is spent exploring with them.

Your baby can push quite strongly against the wall of your womb now and this may be uncomfortable at times. When your baby stretches, you may even be able to distinguish different body parts through your bump – a little foot or a hard, round head. In a couple of weeks other people will be able to see your bump moving too.


Weekly Update: 25 Weeks Pregnant

 Fig 1: http://www.babycentre.co.uk/pregnancy/fetaldevelopment/25weeks/

Baby size at 25 weeks: 35cm long.

Baby weight at 25 weeks: 660g+


Had another tiring week – it’s felt like I’ve been at work FOREVER. Certainly didn’t feel like we’d only been in for 4 days because of the Bank Holiday on Monday… SHATTERED.

I’ve also been feeling a lot heavier this week. My back and pelvis have been aching and it’s become gradually worse throughout the week. I’m sat writing this with a hot water bottle on my back – something I haven’t needed since my periods stopped! So it feels very strange… to the point where I’m feeling a little bit melancholy tonight 🙁

But on a brighter note, baby boy has been excellent this week. Kicking a tremendous amount again. Albeit, he did keep me awake all night on Monday – so I’ve not been able to catch up with my sleep really. I also woke up a few times throughout the week with numb hands – a sure sign that nerves around my spine are trapped and it’s causing me to have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. A good few shakes and it turns into pins and needles… then disappears. We’ll have a sleep in tomorrow and be right as rain, I’m sure 🙂

I’m at the dentist on Monday 16th for my filling and gum guard – should be interesting! Then we’re back to UCLH for a re-scan of baby boy’s feet to confirm or exclude the Talipes. I’ll update as soon as I can with the results. He’ll be smashing, whatever the outcome 🙂


So what is happening to baby boy this week?

He’s beginning to exchange his long, lean look for some baby fat. As he does, his wrinkled skin will begin to smooth out and he’ll start to look more like a newborn. His senses are becoming more sophisticated, too. At 26 weeks, fetal brain scans show response to touch. If you shine a light on your belly, your baby will turn his head, which means his optic nerve is working.

Your baby’s brain is in overdrive these days, as he’s having to control a huge number of activities and processes going on throughout his body.

Although your baby is starting to fill the space in your womb they are still incredibly active and you may find the non-stop somersaulting quite tiring. Your baby’s also very responsive to all kinds of stimulus, reacting with sudden movements, changes in heart rate and in how often they suck.

Your baby is now starting to get familiar with certain sounds, including yours and your partner’s voice. They’ll find these sounds comforting both now and after they’re born.


Weekly Update: 24 Weeks Pregnant

Fig 1: http://www.babycentre.co.uk/pregnancy/fetaldevelopment/24weeks/

Baby size at 24 weeks: 30cm long.

Baby weight at 24 weeks: 600g+


Had a tiring week this week. I’ve tried eating lots of fruit to up my sugar levels, but ended up with really bad heartburn! The woes of pregnancy eh?

I also had my first actual midwife appointment with my local midwife at Brentwood Community Hospital. I left feeling quite worried however. I’m ok now… but I clearly had a lot of explaining to do with regards to our journey from Week 1 – week 24 so far. So much has happened. We’ve had a complicated pregnancy… But the midwife just looked really concerned with everything I was telling her. Bringing the journey right up to date, I explained that we had another scan at UCLH on 18th to confirm or exclude Baby Boy’s suspected Talipes of his left foot. She looked really concerned and said “Why? Why are they doing another scan? That *never* happens?”. To which I was alarmed and explained that it’s probably because UCLH is a Research Hospital and they’re being thorough. But it did make me think, what if there was something else that was suspected during the last scan, but not explained to us? Are they not telling me something I should know?

After to speaking to many on Twitter, we’ve concluded she’s probably just a midwife that hasn’t come across notes like mine in her (short, so far) career…


Baby boy has been especially active in the past few days. His favourite song this week is “Something” by The Beatles. His version of ‘classic’ 😉 He gets extremely bouncing when I join in singing, which is amazing. I love it so much!

So what is happening to baby boy this week?

The spine is becoming strong now and supports the rest of the body as it grows. Thanks to this growth spurt he is starting to fill your uterus and can’t stretch out to their full length any more.

His nostrils, which have been closed till now, open and his sense of taste is becoming more sensitive. Baby boy may even pull an expression of disgust if something you eat gives the amniotic fluid an unpleasant taste.

Your baby is now said to be “viable”, which means if they were born this week they would have roughly a 40% chance of survival.

Though your baby still has little body fat and his skin is thin and fragile, he’s well-proportioned. His brain is growing rapidly, tastebuds have fully developed, and his footprints and fingerprints are continuing to form. Inside his body, his lungs are developing branches of the respiratory tree as well as cells that produce surfactant. This substance will help him air sacs inflate once he reaches the outside world.


Weekly Update: 23 Weeks Pregnant

Baby size at 23 weeks: 29cm long.

Baby weight at 23 weeks: 500g+


So here is the first *actual* picture of me on my blog. It’s always just been ambiguous bump pictures! I’m still feeling really good. I went to the dentist yesterday and as suspected, I need to have a filling… but I was also fitted for a night gum guard. Has anyone else had this during pregnancy? I think I grind my teeth in my sleep anyway, but with everything else thats going on, my teeth are super sensitive.

Baby boy is kicking an incredible amount – getting much stronger too. To the point where it shocks me sometimes! I absolutely love it. I can’t get enough of him to be honest! OH and I get into bed on a night and lay for 10 minutes or so, with OH resting his ear on my tummy. He can now fully feel our baby kicking – AND hear when he does too! Which is amazing. I’m so so pleased he can finally feel him and share the experience. It’s just wonderful!

On an additional note, we played Enya’s “Orinoco Flow” to my tummy last night and baby boy had a really good kick. We’re convinced he’s definitely an Enya fan 😀

So what is happening to baby boy this week?

Fig 1: http://www.babycentre.co.uk/pregnancy/fetaldevelopment/23weeks/

His hearing is established and around now he may be able to make out a distorted version of your voice, the beating of your heart and your stomach rumblings.

When your baby is born, loud noises he has often heard in the uterus (womb), such as the barking of a dog or the roar of a vacuum cleaner, probably won’t bother him.

Some people swear by the theory that unborn babies prefer classical music. So in the coming months you could put on relaxing Bach or Mozart for his enjoyment – and yours!


Weekly Update: 22 Weeks Pregnant

Baby size at 22 weeks: 28cm long.

Baby weight at 22 weeks: 430g.


I’m feeling great – still! Definitely feel like I’m getting enough sleep, so have more energy. My bump is pretty massive – although the baby boy inside is in proportion! So that’s good.

Baby Boy is still moving about lots and lots. He’s certainly enjoying himself.

We were at both UCLH and Broomfield this week. Will be writing up the results of both visits shortly.


So what is happening to baby boy this week?

Fig 1: http://www.babycentre.co.uk/pregnancy/fetaldevelopment/22weeks/


Your baby’s legs aren’t curled up so tightly to his tummy now. This means he can be measured from the top of her head to his heels, instead of his bottom. He is proportioned like a newborn, albeit a thinner version since his baby fat hasn’t yet developed.

Although he’s getting heavier every day, his skin still appears wrinkled and translucent because he needs to gain more weight. His lips are distinct and his eyes are formed, though the coloured part (the iris) still lacks pigment. The pancreas, essential in the production of hormones, is developing steadily.

He can now hear when you talk – try singing or reading to them and see if you get any kicks in response.


Weekly Update: 21 Weeks Pregnant

Fig 1: www.babycentre.co.uk/pregnancy/fetaldevelopment/21weeks/


Baby size at 21 weeks: 27cm long.

Baby weight at 21 weeks: 360g.


I’m feeling great so far this week (today I’m 21+2 weeks today). My skin has all of a sudden cleared up and my hair is really shiny. I’m still having massive issues with my Sciatic nerve however and feeling breathless really quickly when walking up the street.

Baby boy however is having a whale of a time in my tummy! He’s moving around loads, I can feel him doing somersaults and kicking and punching! I’m only sad that DP can’t feel it yet.

This week we’re at the hospital twice. On Tuesday we have an appointment at the Fetal Medicine Unit at UCLH for another Echocardiogram. Then at Broomfield on Wednesday for an appointment with the Midwife and Consultant. Will post an update soon after each appointment.


So what is happening to baby boy this week?

The umbilical cord is growing thicker and longer in order to provide your baby with more nutrients and oxygen. Although most of the nutrition your baby needs is delivered via the umbilical cord, the developing digestive system allows small amounts of sugars to be absorbed from the amniotic fluid your baby swallows.

Until now your baby’s liver and spleen have been producing red blood cells. Around now your baby’s bone marrow starts to make them too. By the time they’re born, your baby will be producing all the red blood cells they need.

In baby girls, the uterus is fully developed now and baby boy’s testes are starting to descend. This usually takes two or three days. Occasionally this fails to happen, and some baby boys will need a minor operation after birth to bring the testes down.


20 Weeks Pregnant: Happy half-way day!

Today I’m 20 weeks pregnant… and this is how we look!

I’m absolutely loving having a bump, although I’m feeling pretty massive. Feeling bigger than I probably should, but it’s probably all the water I guzzle down! I just need to buy some more Maternity clothing to proudly show it off a bit more! A lot of my usual wardrobe is casual and loose fitting – so I’d like more tighter fitting clothing.

Most people usually have a scan at Week 20, mine will be performed at the Fetal Medicine Unit at almost 22 weeks as I will be having another Echocardiogram. But this is fine, some hospitals perform the ’20 Week scan’ between 18 and 22 weeks anyway.

So – how is baby doing and what changes are occurring at Week 20 then?

Fig: www.babycentre.co.uk/pregnancy/fetaldevelopment/20weeks/

Up until now your baby has been measured from crown to rump but from this point on the measurement will be from crown to heel – and this week he is about 26cm long and is steadily gaining weight. Your baby weighs about 220-250 grams (about 8 to 9 ounces) and measures approximately 22 cm (about 8.7 inches). You could cup the little guy in the palm of your hand.

Your baby is truly starting to experience the world around him, limited though it may be. His brain has been working overtime developing the nerve centres dedicated to his senses, and they’re coming alive. He’s more responsive to the changes in the world around him: your activity, sounds in the environment, and even the taste of the amniotic fluid.

You’ve probably felt your baby rolling, diving, and kicking inside your belly. Now you might also feel a rhythmic jerking. No, he’s not tapping out a tune; he’s hiccuping. Most babies get the hiccups in utero, possibly due to an immature diaphragm having spasms. There’s nothing you can do to stop the hiccups, but there’s no need to-they won’t harm your baby now or after he’s born.

Out of breath? You may start to feel a bit puffed out after going up just a short flight of stairs. Some breathlessness is normal and may become more pronounced over the rest of your pregnancy as your expanding uterus (womb) pushes up against your lungs.

Check back next week for what’s happening at Week 21!