Halloween costume inspiration, for kids!

We LOVE Halloween. But, we’d already decided before Mr Eli arrived that he was ALWAYS going to be a skeleton, with Converse on, at Halloween. Well, until he’s old enough to say “NO MORE NOW, PLEASE!”, of course.

But I can’t help but adore these following costumes I’ve found on Pinterest. Most of them would work at any time of the year too, not just Old Hallows Eve. ENJOY!

(Below is a small selection of the costumes I’ve pinned, to view the whole lot, click here >>> Halloween Inspiration)

UP, image taken from Pinterest.

E.T, image taken from Pinterest.

Fox costume, image taken from Pinterest.

Lady Liberty and Honest Abe, image taken from Pinterest.

Spray painted toy soldier (not sure how the poor bairn walks!), image taken from Pinterest.

Cardboard box dinosaur, image taken from Pinterest.

Don Draper (not sure how appropriate this is!), image taken from Pinterest.

Jesse and Walt (REALLY not sure how appropriate this is, either!), image taken from Pinterest.

Zombie kid! Image taken from Pinterest.


The Mini Boden AW12 Baby Boy Essentials!

FINALLY, Mr Eli fits into actual Boy’s clothes and not just baby grow’s! YEEEEAH!

I’m a HUGE fan of Mini Boden, so naturally, I absolutely COULD NOT WAIT for Mr Eli to be just that little bit bigger so he could fit into all of the amazing and cosy Autumn pieces.

This lovely lot (a lot, a lot) of Mini Boden AW12 pieces turned up* recently and I’m going to show you how I styled Mr Eli for a week in these absolute essentials! The jumpers are so soft and cosy – perfect for this change in weather…Winter is definitely on it’s way!! All of the pieces are such good quality, all super warm and the Winter jumper with the snowflake on is my pick for Eli’s Christmas Day outfit!

First of all, here is the must-have check list.

Click here to purchase>>  Jersey Duffle Jacket, Navy, £22-£24; from Boden.co.uk

Click here to purchase>> Breton T-Shirt, Green, £12-£14; from Boden.co.uk

Click here to purchase>> Chunky Cord Dungarees, Red, £24-£26; from Boden.co.uk

Click here to purchase>> Winter Jumper (Snowflake), Red, £24-26; from Boden.co.uk

Click here to purchase>> Lined Cord Trousers, Cadet Blue, £16-£18; from Boden.co.uk

Click here to purchase>> Cosy Romper, Grey, £18; from Boden.co.uk

Click here to purchase>> Winter Jumper, Grey, £24-£26; from Boden.co.uk

Click here to purchase>> Lined Simple Trousers, Blue Ticking Stripe, £16-£18; from Boden.co.uk

Check back during the week to find out what Mr Eli wore and where! You can also follow the special Pinterest board I’ve set up, ““The Mini Boden AW12 Baby Boy Essentials!”.



* I am partaking in a Boden Bloggers competition. Head over to the Boden Facebook page to vote for my blog posts as your favourite :)