Depending on how stylish you are your childhood, I imagine, you’ll refer to this style ^ of bag as The Fanny Pack, The Belt Bag, The Waist Bag or as normal people, like myself (LOL), THE BUM BAG.

The Bum Bag was something of a staple for the 90’s household. I’m sure my sister and I had matching black & fluro ones… you know the sort.

After recently booking our first PROPER, PROPER Summer holiday since 2014, my first thoughts turned to “right, so what (bag’s) do we need to take” Of course. I’m all about The Bag. But you kind of need to be when the holiday mostly involves ALL THE THEME PARKS. Anyway, I digress. James and Eli will have their Tiba & Marl backpack’s, but I can’t really take a shoulder bag with me. I need something more secure and something I’m not able to over-load with all the rubbish I usually fill my bag’s with… ! So how about the good old bum bag? After looking at a few sites, it quickly came to my attention that 2018 is the year of The Bum Bag – and boy has it come back in a du jour way.

I mean, my all time favourite, Sarah Jessica Parker, is wearing one – so it must be ok, right? They’re on the catwalk, they’re in the street. They make life that little bit more hands-free, they’re functional and durable – and actually, a lot of the styles I’ve seen, do have a decent amount of space for all your STUFF (though, I will be forced to limit to the actual essentials, which is something I kind of needed to do in 2018).

So here is my edit of some of some styles that caught my eye. From everyday leisure – to luxury,  SHOP THE BUM BAG EDIT >>> HERE.

So, what do you make of the humble Bum Bag? Friend or foe? Have you seen some styles that you really like? I’d  love to hear what you all think!

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