IN TO THE WILD // our journey to becoming caravanner’s!

I suddenly realised, whilst sat in our ‘van, that we’d bought said-van one whole year ago. It also struck me that I needed to get those reviews out of my journal and onto Trip Advisor. So with all of this in mind, I’m also adding notes of our adventures back on my blog as it’s been far too long since I’ve written my thoughts out on the keyboard!

So, lets go right back to the beginning…

Oh hello! ✨

We’re The Briston-Hill family.
2 adults, 2 children. First time caravan owners with a need for the wild.
Welcome to our adventures in our new-to-us caravan! We also have a brand new instagram account detailing our caravan journey
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We’d been camping long before our children came along over ten years ago 🏕 We’d also often talked about upgrading the tent to a caravan, but never thought it would be possible any time soon! So we kept adding little upgrades here and there to our lovely camping set-up. Our penultimate camping experience was last summer 2021 in lovely Llangollen. We more or less vowed it was our last camping trip after a heat wave and a teething toddler made camping-life difficult. Post-Llangollen we intermittently looked at caravans. We still felt it was a pipe-dream. We LOVE the outdoors; I can’t think of anything better than sleeping under the stars 💫 And, call us gluten for punishment, we went on our final camping trip to The Lakes in August 2022. Again, it ended up in a heat wave and was nothing short of horrendous. So, we decided this really was the end of our tent-trips.

After A LOT of research and of course, A LOT of searching for “the one” we finally came across our Bailey Unicorn Valencia van at the end of August 2022. 

After 19 years of privately renting houses and two recessions, we decided that maybe buying bricks and mortar isn’t for us after-all. Not that we plan on living in a caravan…yet 😆 But we feel so lucky that we’ve been able to buy our first caravan and have absolutely LOVED every single adventure we’ve been on over the past year. There has of course been up’s and down’s and we’ve not had the best after-care from the dealership (Stewart Longton of Preston) but it’s been amazing to learn on every journey we’ve had. The freedom and pure joy the ‘van has brought us is incomprehensible. 

And In-to(w) the wild we will continue to go! 🌞🌿🌙