We’re moving out of our first family home…

Eli packing


We’re sad (but oh so happy!) to be moving out of the first home we three have shared as a family. This move marks our 7th house for myself and OH, our second as a family. July has been ridiculously hectic, I don’t even know where to begin! But there will be more posts to follow our house move. We’re moving in the local area, just somewhere with more space for Mr Eli.

We’ve been concentrating on packing, in this sweltering 30c heat. As you can see, Eli puts my packing to shame. He’s really helped me out with closing those boxes up! Clever boy!

So so proud of Eli, he’s such a happy boy. And look how steady he is on his beautiful feets. Thanking you Mr Ponseti 🙂


PS – click on the image to view the InstaVideo. WordPress is being whack and doesn’t embed the video within the post, so it’s easier to just view it on Instagram itself.