This is my look of the day as I join in with another  #whatmamaworemonday – as hosted by – @heyitsromeca & @rachelthehat 🖤

Except, this is a kind of lie and is not my look today – this was what I wore yesterday… today I have been in a loose Zara T-Shirt dress with one shoe on and one shoe off. If you’re following my IG (@JudyPink), you’ll see that I hurt my foot yesterday. Today Eli and I sat in A&E for 4 hours while I was assessed and tested and x-rayed up by our amazing NHS. Thankfully, it’s *just* a bad sprain in a bad place… a few weeks rest (LOL) and it should sort itself out.

Anyway, onto today’s outfit. I’m wearing one of my all-time favourite Maxi Dresses, from GLAMOROUS, you can find it on ASOS.com and Topshop.com. This style is pretty much what I look for in a dress, as I’m petite (I say I’m 5 ft 1, but we all know thats a lie too – I’m more like 5 foot… and I refuse to believe I’m shrinking any more than that!). Due to my height restrictions, the bottom of this dress took quite a beating on my birthday as we dragged Eli away from those fountains in Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester, so after it’s first wash, I took scissors to the bottom hem and took around 7-8 inches off. Yep, I’m that short!

As a side note, if anyone see’s any dresses in this kind of smock/empire line shape with 3/4 sleeves, give me a shout. I think this is a definite go-to for me.

Secondly, let me introduce you to my new favourite sliders – though, today, it’s been a case of one off and one on. These ones are from Monki at £30. They’re mega comfy and pretty cosy too. They’re a bit of a Chloe Kerenn dupe, but

What are you wearing this Monday?


DRESS // GLAMOROUS Maxi Dress, Patchwork Print – ASOS or at TOPSHOP.com
SHOES // MONKI – Fluffy Sliders
LIPS // MAC – Ruby Woo
iPHONE COVER // Love Island (!)


Hope you have a lovely Monday where you are!

Peace & love


1266736 asos
GLAMOROUS // Maxi Dress // Patchwork Print //
 asos ruby woo
MAC // Lipstick – Ruby Woo //
Monki Slider
MONKI // Fluffy Crossover Sliders//
CHLOE // Kerenn Sliders // Neutral //
From: £190 (Vestiaire.com)

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