“I think if everyone applied a little bit of ‘Give a damn’ to their life, we’d see a huge shift instantly.”
– Tennessee Thomas


As you know, I love a good collaboration – & Other Stories seem to get it spot on when they choose to partner up with a brand. Their latest marriage is with LA-formed, Deep End Club; a creative community where activism meets art to bring change to the world. Founded by Tennessee Thomas in 2013, this collaboration is currently only available online and within the UK and Europe. So these tee’s won’t stick around for long! Together, these two brands have  joined forces to share the message of Tennessee’s printed tees and why giving a damn matters.

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In her own words, Tennessee shares the story behind the co-lab. It’s all about the empowering force of a t-shirt.

In Solidarity //
Give a Damn Tee //
Open Doors //



The Deep End Club //

“The ‘GIVE A DAMN’ t-shirt works as a great conversation starter.

What do you give a damn about? It’s a t-shirt that resonates how we’ve started giving a damn all over the world! For me, it evokes the power of the Women’s March last year after Trump got elected, and how incredible it was when millions of women went out to protest. It shows how it’s a female-driven movement right now, to give a damn.This co-lab came naturally when Caroline from & Other Stories’ Stockholm atelier attended one of The Deep End Club’s radical open mics and proposed the idea. The campaign images are very personal as they were shot at The Deep End Club space in L.A. with my friends Sasami, Kyleigh and Ariel who all are activists engaged in many issues, such as removing landmines and spreading environmental awareness.I’ve found The Deep End Club to be a beautiful experience. First started as a shop where I used clothes as a way to spread a message, now it’s become a physical space where art and activism meet. Having been a drummer in a rock band, I consider these t-shirts to be like merch for what The Deep End Club stands for – a community empowering you to make a difference.”

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