BLEACH LONDON // Bleach Lights Kit (Balayage)


Balayage kit for summery sun-drenched highlights. Everything you need to create and maintain lightened hair from mid-lengths to ends with a gradual fade. Suitable for all hair colours but for best results use on mid-coloured, untreated hair. Colour and length of duration will depend on porosity, length, fineness and condition of hair, as well as any previous treatments. If hair’s already been dyed with a darker colour this product might not be able to remove it. Box contains: Developing lotion, bleaching powder, conditioning repair mask, tint brush, bowl, gloves, instructions and balayage board for simple application.


Milk Carton Box

Product Specification

Size (0) Unit (EA) Height (23.6) Width (5.5) Depth (10)

Product code: 744510

Product Uses

1. Lift the top area of your hair (from front to back) and clip into three separate sections (See diagram 1 on instructions).Start with the section underneath.
2. Place a slice of hair on top of the balayage board wih the comb facing upwards closest to the scalp to guide the hair through. Paint your hair in three sections along its length (see diagram 2).
3. Section 1- Begin painting at the point where you want the highlight to start. Use the tint brush to lightly paint the bleach mixture onto section 1 of the hair on approximately three strands, (see diagram 2, Section 1). Hint: You may want to hold your tint brush sideways in order to get thinner strands.
4. Section 2- Pull the balayage board a third of the way down the hair to paint Section 2. Repeat the previous step, this time painting approximately five strands, three of which should be continuous from section 1 (see diagram 2, Section 2).
5. Section 3- Pull the balayage board into the last 3rd of the hair. Repeat previous step, this time painting all the hair increasing the amount of bleach near the end of the hair.
6. Drop each section of hair as you finish with it. Continue working all the way around the underneath area sectioning off small slices of hair and applying the bleach mixture with the painting board.
7. Repeat this process on the top sections of hair that you clipped to your head. Leave the product to develop for fifteen to thirty minutes.


01. Our Story So Far
Tired of experimenting on her friends’ hair in her kitchen at home, our co-founder Alex Brownsell took a break from working as a hairstylist on fashion shoots to open her own hairdressers with her best friend Sam Teasdale. The result was Bleach London, the world’s first salon focused on colouring rather than cutting. Starting out as a single chair and sink in the corner of Wah Nails Dalston, it grew into its own premises in 2010.
Capturing attention with our pioneering techniques and styles, we opened a second location at Topshop’s flagship Oxford Street shop a year later. In 2013 we secured a deal to produce and sell our own Bleach dyes and hair products nationwide, with their popularity leading to a third salon opening on Berwick Street in 2015.
In 2017 we relaunched our hair range with many new products, along with a makeup range created and overseen by Sam’s twin sister (and celebrity makeup artist) Lou Teasdale. We now ship worldwide from our online shop and plan to open new international salon locations over the next few years.
02. Sustainability
At Bleach London we endeavour to put environmental sustainability at the heart of everything we do. Our cardboard’s 100% recycled, with all of our plastic to follow by the end of the year. Our ‘build your own’ palettes ensure you only buy the make-up shades you want, minimising waste in both packaging and product. We encourage you to keep this in mind when disposing of our empty bottles and boxes: Please recycle wherever possible!
Although some toxic chemicals are inherent in the hair bleaching process, our team continues to research new ways of minimising bi-products that damage the environment.
03. Vegan Beauty
As of 2017 we’re proud to announce that all of our products are completely vegan. We have a strictly anti-animal cruelty ethos across our whole company so you won’t find a single animal derivative in any of our products or salons. Vegan shampoos are also better for your hair health, containing minerals and natural oils that help maintain moisture and even stimulate follicles.


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