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A few months ago I decided I wanted to be back blonde. Truth be told, I was bored with my dip dye; despite it being very low-maintenance. I thought it might be nice to be a ‘natural’ blonde – something along the lines of Sienna Miller. After 6 boxes of home dye I realised it just wasn’t going to happen. And now I had weird wishy-washy dip dye. YACK.

“Why didn’t you just visit a salon?”, I hear you ask. Well, juggling Mr Eli, work, driving lessons (yes, I am 10 years late to the game) and sorting out the day-to-day running of your family home does not leave much time in the way of pampering. (In fact, it leaves zero time!). I’d dyed my hair on an evening once Eli was in bed and Mr Memoirs could tend to him while my hair “developed” – albeit, it didn’t develop into much as I previously mention.

Fed up – I came to the decision that I now wanted to go back to my not so natural roots.  The platinum (with an old ladies blue rinse mixed in for good measure) me. The old me.

I’d seen LOADS of hype about BLEACH London. The salon itself residing in WAH Nails on Kingsland Road, was masterminded by Alex Brownsell (super hair colourist extraordinaire) and Samantha Teasdale (brains behind the business – also a one time friend-of-a-friend and Teasdale Twin to Louise; the actual live-in hair stylist for One Direction).

Anyway, I digress.

BLEACH London have done incredibly well – obviously helped along by their insane black book of celebrity clients, of course – but they have only been open just over a year. The salon prides itself as the first people to recreate the Ombre look. A BLEACH London dip-dye is not for the faint hearted, think rainbows and My Little Pony. Just amazing unconventional dye jobs – that also remind me of Kate Winslet’s character, “Clementine Kruczynski”, in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (one of our all time favourite films, EVER!). You also won’t fail to notice that BLEACH London cleverly names itself after it’s speciality (bleaching, and lots of it) and after the Nirvana album (which famous font they also share).

Back in October, BLEACH London launched a range of vibrant dyes, treatments and styling products to Boots.You can purchase in store and online at, choosing from colours such as Awkward Peach, Washed Up Mermaid and Bruised Violet. All products in the range cost under £10; which is ridiculously good, considering!

I purchased two boxes of the Total Bleach and a box of White Toner (in the 3 for 2 at Boots). I have used both boxes of bleach and the White Toner and this is the current result:

Photo 23-11-2013 18 15 23

I absolutely LOVE the Total Bleach. It smelt like really strong peroxide as I was mixing it and took my breath away at times – but the consistency is great. It goes on fairly easily, but would recommend you buy two boxes for hair longer than mine as it doesn’t stretch too far. Within the Total Bleach box you also get a mixing bowl, mixing brush and gloves. In both the Total Bleach and White Toner boxes you also get a tube of the amazing Reincarnation Mask; which I was going to purchase on it’s own anyway. The tube states to keep the mask on for up to 20 minutes or so; but twice now I’ve left the conditioning treatment on my hair for a few hours and kept it covered with a shower cap. This has DEFINITELY rescued my poor hair which has been through the mill, to say the very least!

BLEACH London is my new favourite bleach. It feels like it is very kind on my hair and it actually feels in a much better condition now than it did before I started the bleaching process. I’m so so happy with it. The colour is even and has a lovely shimmer, which I didn’t get with the previous brands I’ve used to achieve this same colour. I’m also using the following BLEACH London products:

Bleach London
BLEACH London Reincarnation Mask, £6.00 –
This mask smells so so nice – almost like Men’s aftershave; not your usual fruity scent. My hair has a shimmer and feels so much stronger and less dry. I will be using the mask once a week to keep on top of dryness and damage.

Bleach London
BLEACH London Silver Shampoo, £5.00 –
I have used several ‘silver’ shampoo’s in my time as a platinum blonde – but NONE of them compare to this one from BLEACH London. Again, it smells divine and took every tiny bit of yellowy tone that was present away. It’s made my hair very ashy, which is the look I was going for! Careful though, this could make your hair pretty blue if left on too long. I would also recommend that your alternate using different shampoo’s to avoid toner build up; which will definitely result in blue hair (unless thats what you’re wanting of course!).

Bleach London
BLEACH London Split Fix Serum, £6.00 –
I’m finishing my hair with this incredible serum. I’ve tended to avoid things like this previously as they can be overly greasy and do more harm than good. But not this Split Fix Serum! This serum is amazing, it is controlling my hair like nothing else, fights frizz and fly away – without weighing my hair down. It also has that wonderful scent to it. I’ve been using this serum both on towel dried hair and on dry hair to tame those fly aways.

I seriously cannot recommend the BLEACH London range enough. I’m shocked and surprised at how good each and every product is – I’ve seen amazing results of their rainbow home-dyes too. Check out their Instagram for updates from their many happy customers! @BLEACHLondon.

Would you dare to experiment with the BLEACH London range? Would love to see your results!



24 thoughts on “REVIEW | BLEACH London.

    • admin says:

      Hey Kate,

      Thank you for your comment.

      My hair was dip-dye; brown on top going through light shades of blonde to platinum at the ends. It was also much longer too. But I went for the chop as I started the bleaching process due to the dry, split ends.

      The BLEACH LONDON range is just brilliant. Wholly recommend it!

      Thanks! x

      • vicky says:


        I love this product, i use the toner and i’ve also used the rose colour on my hair and it looked fab,its my birthday soon and ive decided to go ‘peach’


        • admin says:

          Hey Vics,

          Thank you for your comment! Pleased to hear other people are happy with the product too. I’ve been ‘overdoing’ it with the silver shampoo and quite like the lilac hue I’m at now. SO tempted to go wild and use one of the dyes. How did the colour take? I love the look of the Rose and Peach too 🙂

          Thanks! xx

    • admin says:

      Hey Courtney,

      I had dip-dye hair and the ends were pretty much platinum. So I used A LOT of other dyes to get it to a ‘natural blonde’ colour. It took two boxes of the Total Bleach to get it to that colour, with the White Toner on top.


  1. skadiida says:


    the result is unbelievable good! im thinking about going blonde too but not sure as my hair is really dark atm. did you use the bleaches immediately after another or did you wait a day or so? i’ve never done anything like that before so im proper confused haha


    • admin says:

      Hey Skadiida,

      I’d used several other Blonde dyes before picking up the BLEACH London boxes, so was at a mid-brown colour before the applications. I used 2 boxes of Total Bleach – but I do have shorter hair. I spaced the bleaching sessions out over a few days because I’m impatient! But it also depends on the condition of your hair. If you’ve got REALLY dark hair you might want to leave a little longer between bleaching sessions, and use lots of treatment (the Reincarnation Mask that comes with the Bleach is AMAZING).

      Good luck! Let me know how you get on!

  2. Georgia says:


    I love the result! Looks incredible!

    Were you properly brunette before on top?? I’m fully brunette but really worried about my hair just going yellow after using this? Or does the inter after completely eliminate that happening??

    I was going to go to the Bleach salon itself but £150 is so steep for a full head bleach when this only costs £7


    • admin says:

      Hey Georgia,

      I was by the end of the other blonde dyes a mid-browny-blondey colour on top. So the bleach properly lifted it and the toner adds ashy tones. The toner is REALLY good so should eliminate the yellow hues you fear! The toner isn’t permanent though. But using the Silver shampoo will help maintain the brightness. I literally swear by BLEACH, it’s the kindest bleach I’ve ever used and my hair is just the colour I wanted. Definitely worth a shot! If it doesn’t work out for you, you can always dye over the top? Or indeed fork out the £150 at the salon instead 😉

      Good luck, let me know how you get on! xx

  3. Paige says:

    Hi I am going out to buy the bleach products tomorrow, did you just use one box of bleach on your entire hair and then re dye it a few days later with the second box of bleach or did you just use both boxes in the same bleaching session? Thaaaanks x

  4. Clo89 says:

    Your hair looks really lovely. I purchased the total bleach – bleach london – kits yesterday to dye my extensions. Unfortunately my hair became very hot (too hot to touch ) and began to smoke with thick white smoke, my extensions are currently totally ruined and being sent off for investigation. Hopefully I had a dodgey kit or one some bodies messed with as bleach london looks like an amazing company for home dye. But just a word of warning Incase people with weaves / microbeads decide to use this product. It may get re-called I’m waiting to hear . Thankfully I didn’t put it on my head haha. Your hair looks an amazing cour though xx

    • admin says:

      Sorry this is such a massively late reply @Clo89! What happened in the end with the investigation? I’ve used several boxes of the Total Bleach since my post and not had any trouble at all. I also get very minimal ‘itching’ when the bleach is one, which is a huge improvement to the other bleach products I’ve used over the years! I’ve always wants to scratch my scalp off when I’ve had a product on my head – but never had a single problem with Bleach London. I really hope your scenario was a one off. Best of luck! x

  5. Krystina says:

    I’m so tempted to buy the bleach kit as I’ve heard amazing things but I’ve had terrible experience in the past with bleach. My hair is ashy blonde at the moment but I’m wanting to go for the platinum blonde look (mostly so I can try the rose colour on it!) but I’m worried it’ll turn yellow!

    Yours looks amazing though – shall I just go for it?

    • admin says:

      Hey Krystina

      Definitely go for it… Use the Toner to get rid of unwanted yellowy tones. It works a treat for me! Honestly, I’ve tried so so many bleaches – from Boots to Sally’s. I’ve gone through them all. The only one that hasn’t made my hair fall out or even snap is this Bleach London bleach kit! It’s amazing. Honestly! You won’t be disappointed!

      Let me know how you get on! x

  6. Lucy Gao says:

    I was wondering if I use Total Bleach can it make my hair into a golden blonde colour? I’m trying to dye my hair blonde but I don’t know what products to use. It would be wonderful to get some of your advice. My hair at the moment is in between light to dark brown.

  7. Sabrina says:

    Hey 🙂
    (I’m german and have just my school English so please excuse any mistakes)
    I have dyed red brown hair (more brown though) which is waist long and I want exactly the color you have but I’m really afraid that the bleach will damage my hair because it’s almost completely healthy and I don’t want to ruin it!
    And I’m also afraid that my hair will end up yellow or colored uneven.
    So what do you think will it damage my hair or not and does it color even?
    Thanks for your help! x

  8. B says:

    hey, you’re hair looks mint! i’m really tempted to do it but was just wondering whether you used one box to bleach it, waited, then dyed it again with the other or just used them both at the same time? thank you!! xx

  9. Lucy says:

    Hi! My hair is lighter at the ends than the top (a sort of ombré but no brown, more dark blonde) and I’m wanting to go platinum like you but I was wondering how you got all your hair the same colour? Did you leave it on for longer near the roots or did you just do it all the same? Thank you and thank you for your amazing review!

  10. Courtney says:

    I’ve bought two packs of Total Bleach as I’m using Bullini at the weekend. My hair is blonde at the moment and I was wondering if I should use the toner after.

  11. Florá says:

    Hi there! I know this was posted like 3 years ago but I’m hoping your website is still active and comments still read and replied to (fingers crxssed!). I was wondering what yor original starting color was like? I’ve just purchased a box of total bleach, white toner and some of the wash out semi perm colour bottles with the intention to switch between the colours every so often or mix it up with many colors at once! However!! I’m not naïve and know you need a WHITE BLONDE result and I jut don’t know if I’m gona get there or not! I have medium to dark brown hair which has previously been bleached and dyed and dip dyed and bleached and dyed and bleached and highlighted and dip dyed etc. My point being it changes frequently. The last time it was bleach edit was done at the front and wnt about 3.5″ back on both sides and that was a cry nice shade of blonde but still not white blonde. More of a very light ash. That took –
    • bleach left on for 1h45m jerome Russell or whatever his name is.
    • hair lightner – lightest ash blonde
    • bleached for 1 hr
    • platinum blonde loreal toner

    Over the space of a few days so it’s isn’t just break off from the roots. So my poit anyway is that it took ago of bloody go just to simply get to not quite light or white enough but still almost platinum ash blonde. I heard this bleach London kit is the way forward big time but to what degree. Medium to dark brown hair + bleach London total bleach + bleach London white toner = PERFECTION ????? Please advise. I’d really appreciate some before pics if you have them?
    Thanks in advance! Florá xx

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